Monday, December 26, 2011

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Epson C-90

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Epson C-90

firstly, download Resetter for Epson C90 Epson C90.And Resetter for Epson C110 download here. The method how to reset C90 and C110 is not different, u just change the date.

I. The Methods how to Reset Epson C90:
a. Surely your printer joined to computer,turn on printer.
b. Ekstrak resetter C90.
c. See folder resetter_epson_c90. turn reset.bat, change date be
d. Minimize command prompt reset.bat.
e. Turn “AdjProg.exe”.
f. Klik “Accept”.
g. Klik “Particular adjustment mode”.
h. Then choose Waste Ink pad Counter OK.
i. Klik button “Check”, till process finish.
j. Klik button “Initialization” then klik “Finish”.
k. Power off printer, then turn on .
l. If success, come back to command prompt reset.bat. Change date
as usual.
m. Surely printer C90 normally, test print.

stylus photo C90 Verion Indonesia download

stylus photo C92 Version Singapore download

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