Monday, April 6, 2009

Resetter for HP 4100MPF/4101MPF/4200/4300


HP 4100MPF/4101MPF Printers:

  1. While holding down the START button, turn the printer on
  2. The 3 LEDs will blink, and then stay lit (Release START button at this time)
  3. Press the UP arrow key. Display will read MAINT COMPLETE
  4. Press the CHECK button once, and the maintenance counter is reset
  5. Return to ONLINE

HP 4200/4300 Printers:

  1. Turn the printer power off
  2. Hold down SELECT and turn the printer power on. Continue holding down SELECT for several seconds, until all 3 printer control panel lights flash once, and then remain on (This may take up to 10 seconds)
  3. Use the UP arrow key to scroll to NEW MAINTENANCE KIT
  4. Press SELECT to reset the maintenance kit counter

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