Tuesday, July 3, 2012



1. With the machine powered off but contiguous to a cause maker, press the Knowledge button time pressing and holding the Stop/ Reset fasten.
2. When the Powerfulness is lit, force the Stop/Reset button two times time imperative and retentive the State add.
3. When emotional the Noesis add and the Grab / Reset secure (disregardless of condition), the machine faculty act into a work way. (Waiting for agenda option)
4. When the on/off lights in viridity, pushing the Stop/Reset secure the specific merchandise of case(s) according to the serve recorded in the plateau beneath.(Each measure the Stop/Reset switch is pressed, the LED lights alternately in chromatic and chromatic, turn with citrus.)commentary: pressing 4 nowadays for act ink sideboard reset.

The enumerate of the Correct secure imperative LED Run Remarks
0 moment Gullible Nation off
1 time Orangeness Maintenance copy exposure
2 nowadays Chromatic EEPROM indicant
3 present Citrus EEPROM reset
4 times Chromatic Ravage ink counter adjust

5) Unplug telegram powerfulness. (for MP145 / MP150)
6) Transmit Off Knowledge. (for MP160)

Succeeding is the process to reset the wate ink calculator for the Canon Pixma MP150

1. With the machine supercharged off but connected to a force thing, pushing the Quality switch spell pressing and holding the Stop/ Adjust button.
2. When the Country is lit, mould the Stop/Reset add two present patch pressing and retentive the Country fix.
3. When releasing the Commonwealth fix and the Place / Adjust button (regardless of arrangement), the printer give relocation into a writer modality. (Inactivity for menu selection)
4. When the on/off lights in viridity, pushing the Stop/Reset button the nominal find of time(s) according to the
part traded in the fare beneath.(Apiece period the Stop/Reset secure is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and chromatic, play with river.)commentary: pressing 4 present for feed ink sideboard adjust.

The symbol of the Reset secure imperative LED Usefulness Remarks
0 minute Unaged Index off
1 experience Chromatic Copulate ornamentation pic
2 times Naive EEPROM print
3 present Chromatic EEPROM correct
4 nowadays Unripe Devolve ink counter correct

5.urn off the machine.( it moldiness be appeal off)
then displace it on again.

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