Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Launch of Oce TDS750 Offers CAD Customers Optimal Large Format Printer

Oce, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced the launch of the Oce TDS750 large format printing system. The new Oce TDS750 printer offers architects and engineers a fast, easy and reliable solution for their large format print, copy and scan needs. Based on the multi-award winning Oce TDS700 printer, the Oce TDS750 provides a reliable, environmentally-friendly printing solution for departmental or print room environments.
Engineering departments can easily meet their challenging deadlines with the consistent print speed of 9 D-size prints per minute and no warm-up time for the Oce TDS750. Users can load the system with 6 media rolls and up to 3,900 ft. media capacity for long uninterrupted printing, making it ideal for productive central print rooms. With secure print job management features, customers can prioritize urgent jobs and quickly complete projects.
The Oce TDS750 was designed with the user in mind by making all aspects of the machine simple and intuitive, from media loading to defining scanner settings. Users spend less time trouble shooting and defining settings with the green button approach of the Oce TDS750. The advanced scan technology allows for the capture of color markups or as-builts and the streamlining of project collaboration. The result is faster turnaround times, less wasted materials and a more productive staff.
This exceptional new large format printer retains the solid radiant fusing technology with instant-on behavior and low noise, heat and ozone emissions as well as low energy consumption of the Oce TDS700. Businesses appreciate the sustainability aspects of this unique technology and the flexibility of placing it in departmental print settings without distracting employees.
Dependable output quality and performance
The Oce TDS750 600 x 1,200 dpi pico printing provides exceptional output quality – sharp fine details and smooth gray scales in renderings, 3D images and intricate graphics. Users have the peace of mind that document details are captured exactly as intended with no missing information.
Based on the Oce TDS700 with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, Oce TDS750 users can count on dependable, high performance large format printing for years to come. With restricted controller access, safe data storage and system safe guards, the Oce TDS750 can also help provide a secure, productive print environment.
"For years, customers have been appreciating the quality, reliability, and support provided by Oce large format printers," said Erik van Eldik, Vice President Technical Document Systems Business Group at Oce. "We know our customers' workflows and are pleased to be able to evolve our core black & white technology to address the ever-changing needs of the technical document market place. The Oce TDS750 is an excellent large format system building upon the features that customers valued in the Oce TDS700 to further improve large format workflows while maintaining the flexibility to grow with their changing needs."

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