Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BulletScan M40 Photo Scanner Scans and Uploads Photos, Business Cards

iVina announced that it has enabled its BulletScan M40 mobile scanner to scan and upload color photos, business cards and receipts to document and photo sharing sites without any PC by simply plugging in the pre-configured Eye-Fi card into the scanner’s USB port or SD Card slot. To add this valuable feature to the BulletScan M40, registered users may go to, select the M40 product and click on downloads to update the M40 to the latest firmware at no charge. With this new innovative capability, users may scan quickly and easily their color photos and documents to over 25 of the most popular photo sharing and document sharing websites.
“Scan and send documents and photos up to 4” x 8” to such popular sites such as, Evernote, facebook, Flikr, Picassa, Shutterfly, SnapFish and without any PC required,” said Murray L. Dennis, president and CEO of iVina, Inc. “With almost ubiquitous access to Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, restaurants, Starbucks, corporate offices, personal residences and public facilities, the BulletScan M40 is becoming one of the most intelligent, easy-to-use, compact and cost-effective solutions for capturing, storing and sharing your most important photos, business contacts and receipts anywhere you go.”
The BulletScan M40 Photo Scanner is for the person who needs to quickly convert photos or paper files to digital files anywhere. Ideal for archiving family photos or reliving favorite memories, the BulletScan M40 helps bring favorite photos into the digital age where they can be easily stored, found, viewed and shared with others. Scanned images are automatically cropped and straightened without any software to install. Scan a 4” x 6” photo at 300dpi in color in under 7 seconds. Offering the ultimate in portability, the BulletScan M40 automatically scans photos directly to USB Flash drive, SD or MicroSD card – there is no PC required in order to capture photos, business cards and receipts digitally.

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