Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to reset waste ink pad on Canon Pixma MP210

Error 5b00 means the waste ink counter is full, you need to reset it.

Step 1: Download PCM Service tool.

Step 2: Enter in service mode in order to used the re setter:
  • Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.
  • Hold down Resume button and press Power button
  • Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go
  • Then Press Resume button 5 times then let both buttons go
  • The Alternate Blinking error is gone, the printer is in Service Mode state
Step 3:

  • Extract the PCM servive tool resetter and then double click "servicetool.exe"
  • Click Reload Button and you will get a new USB port.
  • Load some papers in your printer and press the "Main" Button, wait until it shows "error 001" then press OK.
  • Then press "EEPROM" button and the printer will print some text, after that click OK
  • Then power off the printer (sometimes you have to press twice the power button to turn off) and turn on again.

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