Monday, July 2, 2012

Installing the Perforation Cutter and the Receipt bac on DFX-9000


  1. Unpack the Receipt bac and the Perforation cutter from the carton box.

  2. Take out the protective material from the perforation cutter.

  4. Turn the cover forwards 1. Unscrews the two screws on the left side 2 and right side 3, which maintains the paper guide

    1 2

  5. Open the Rear Unit and remove the Paper Guide.


  6. Caution: The perforation cutter is heavy; handle with care and use the handle
  7. Install the Perforation Cutter in the specific emplacements in each side 4 & 5.

    4 5

    Ensure each shaft of each side is correctly inserted in the housings


  8. Connect the I/F cable in the connector in the left side (from back side).

  9. Close the Cover Rear

  10. Insert the Supports for the receipt bac into the holes of the perforation cutter on each side.

  11. Hang the receipt bac on the support

  12. Final configuration

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