Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fixing error code 0xb9000009165, 0xb9000009 on HP printers


Message looks like:

Error 0xb9000009 165hw interrupt hwv2.c is
Problem with the HP printer

Solution 1:

- Uninstall all the HP drives and software
- Unplugg the USB cable from the printer
- Unplugged power supply from the outlet and printer
- Plugg the USB back in to printer

- Unplugg the power supply from the power module.
- Plugg the power supply cord to module
- Plugg the power supply in to outlet
- Plug the power module connector to printer.

Solution 2:
- Unplugg the power and usb cable from the printer
- Download and install the lastest drivers and software for the printer
- Plugg the power and then the USB.

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