Saturday, October 20, 2012

If you got Fatal Error On Epson

A fatal error is basically caused by any of the following conditions: -The printer does not detect the carriage in the home position. -The printer does not detect signals from the linear scale. -The ASF sensor does not detect the ASF home position. PROBLEM When the Printer is powered on:
• The CR unit moves in the capping area.(CR unit is fixed with CR lock lever.)
• The CR unit moves and strikes the left frame because it is not fixed with the CR lock. After that, the Panel LED indicates the Fatal Error. FIX Check the CR Encorder sensor board visually.
 • In case the CR Encorder sensor board is not mounted in the sensor mounting position, mount it in the CR mounted position securely.
• In case the CR Encorder FFC is disconnected from the connector on the CR Encorder sensor board, connect it securely. Also check that the sensor is free from dust and paper debris.

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