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Fixing Error Code 241 Paper Jam on Lexmark printers

Fixing Error Code 241 Paper Jam on Lexmark printers

Solution 1:

- Take tray out.
- Lift up so have access to bottom of printer.
- The 2 rubber rollers in the middle can be taken off
- Flip them inside out and put them back on and put tray back in.

Solution 2:
  1. Take out paper tray 1.
  2. Remove any jammed sheets of paper you find there.
  3. Once you have done this, reinstall the paper tray and try printing again.
  4. If the printer jams again with a 241 Paper Jam error message, look to see if it has tried to feed a sheet of paper out of the tray.   
    • If paper is not leaving the tray and no paper appears to be jammed anywhere in the printer, remove paper tray 1 once again. Make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the tray. With the tray removed, you can also check the feed/pick rollers. Do the following:
      1. Look into the printer where the tray goes.
      2. Look for two tan-colored rubber rollers (circled in green in the picture below). These are the rollers that grab and feed the paper up into the printer.

      3. Clean off the rollers with a dry cloth and try printing again.
      4. If the printer still will not pull any paper, your feed rollers may be worn. As a temporary fix, you can try flipping the rubber feed rollers inside out. Remove paper tray 1 again and carefully remove the rubber tire off each of the roller wheels. Then flip the rubber tire inside out and put it back on the wheel. 
      5. If either step 3 or 4 fixes the problem, your feed rollers are worn and will eventually need to be replaced. However, you should be able to continue to use the printer temporarily.
      6. If the paper still does not feed at all, the feed motor to tray 1 may not be feeding the paper. In this case, the printer will require service.

    • If paper is feeding out of the tray but getting jammed, you may be able to pinpoint the source of the problem by taking a close look at where the leading edge of the paper is stopped.  
      • If the paper is getting jammed right at tray 1, a small piece of paper may be stuck in one of the rollers at the front of the printer. Do the following:

      1. Remove paper tray 1.
      2. Look into the printer where the paper tray goes. Look upwards into the very front of that area. You should see a slot or guide where the paper will go once it is fed out of the tray. Towards the left-hand side, there is a set of feed rollers. A small piece of paper can get wrapped around one of the rollers here.
      3. If you see a small piece of paper stuck in one of these rollers, try to remove it.
      4. If you cannot reach it or it cannot be removed, the assistance of a service technician will probably be needed.

          To complete steps 1-3 above, it may help to lay the printer on its side. If you do this, please use caution when lifting the printer. Remove the toner cartridge and the paper tray before setting the printer on its side. Also make sure the printer is powered off and unplug any and all cords, especially the power cord, going into the printer. Refer to the photos below for guidance on where to look into the printer for the feed rollers. The rollers are located in the area of the printer highlighted by the yellow circles.


      • If the paper is getting past the front of the printer and jamming elsewhere with a 241 Paper Jam error, do the following:
      1. Look for any obstructions at the leading edge of where the paper is jamming.
      2. If you are not able to find (and remove) any obstruction, the printer will probably need service to isolate the problem and replace the failing component.

  • Another way you can find out if your printer will require service for this issue is to obtain the secondary codes for the paper jam error. To do this: 
    1. As soon as you receive the 241 Paper Jam error message, press and hold the Return button.
    2. While holding down the Return button, press the Select button. Two lines of numbers will appear on the printer screen. These are the secondary codes.
    3. If the top line of the secondary code is 8E XX 06 X1 (where X can be any letter or number), the problem could be with the pick motor for tray 1. This will probably result in the printer needing service.
  • If you continue to receive the jamming error after checking all of these possibilities, the printer may require service.

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